The "Board Gaming Is NOT Dead" group is a cadre of grognards from Northern IL that have been playing and enjoying all types of board wargames for 40 years. They have a passion for military history and sharing this knowledge with others.


Below are the games scheduled for the weekend but please stop by and browse our other options as we will have additional space for playing additional games in our collection.


October 21st - 23rd, 2016

Location:  Mercy Sportscore 2 Complex

8800 East Riverside Blvd., Rockford, Illinois 61111



The fast and fun card driven tactical game for all ages with a miniatures look and feel takes us to Operation Market-Garden, the massive Allied paradrop into Holland in September, 1944.  Believing they are attacking into second-rate German defenders, the Allies seek to lay a carpet of airborne troops down while British XXX Corps advances to link up with them. They will then drive over the Rhine and into Germany, ending the war by Christmas. They landed on top of two SS Panzer divisions and the Germans have other ideas..


This fast-paced, card-driven game is an excellent introduction to wargaming and history for all ages- up to 8 can play!


Players: 2-8  Judge: Ike Eicher Slots: Friday Slot 1  Level: Beginner


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Dan Houser


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Twilight Struggle- The Cold War 1945-1989


Currently rated best board war game of ALL TIME on, this is the card-driven masterpiece on the overt-and covert- moves between the Superpowers as they vie for world domination. Players compete to influence and topple foreign regimes to dominate the world..but they must be careful not to start nuclear armageddon! Simple to learn, so much fun to master!


Players: 2 Judge:  Ike Eicher/Jason Eicher  Slots: Friday (OPEN) Saturday (OPEN)  Sunday Slot 5. Level: Beginner/Intermediate


The Rules are here:

THE SUPREME COMMANDER  “End of the Reich: 1944-45”


Back again this year our featured event is for 2-4 players. Besieged on all fronts, Germany struggles to hold on as a coiled snake will spring across the channel and land in the West, and a sledgehammer is about to hit the entire front in the East....This shorter scenario is a great way to learn the game’s system. How quickly can you bring your overwhelming force to bear and crush Germany before the war drags on to its 6th year?  Can you perform the impossible and HOLD the Allies off for “final victory” ?


After it’s publication in 1974, 40 years later finally comes the “Third Reich Killer” that surpasses Avalon Hill’s benchmark game!  This Corps/Army sim has it all: Technology, Diplomacy, and other chrome for a fresh, fun, simple turn sequence and a modern take on the economics and strategy of WWII in Europe. Players will custom-build their units and use diplomacy to court other nations into their alliance.


If players agree, the scenario will reset through to Slot 3


The Rules are here:!enclosure=.1ddb234a


Players: 2- 4  Judge: Ike Eicher Slots: Saturday 2 & 3. Level Intermediate



About to enter its 6th printing, this fantastic card-driven game takes you to all fronts in WWI.  Mechanics are easy to learn, strategy is another thing..Players have to balance their objectives with the situation at the front. Always opportunities, never enough OPS...We featured this game in a simultaneous 3-game tournament two years ago.   It will change your understanding of WWI and is entertaining to play. Designed as a two-player game, it can also be played by teams of two players each, so each player can bring his viewpoint to the options open to their side each turn!


If players agree, the campaign will continue through to slot 4

The rules are here:


Players: 2(4)  Judge: Jason Eicher  Slots: Saturday Slot 3 Level: Beginner/Intermediate



STALINGRAD, October 1942: The Russians are clinging to every house. Street by street, block by block they fight to the last man among the rubble and in the sewers of the city. The Landser call it “Die Rattenkrieg”:  The War of the Rats. The Germans are pushing through the northern suburbs and into a heavily industrialized area, hoping to reach the Volga and take the Red Army’s crossing points that are feeding troops into the city.  Massive airstrikes have paved the way for what Paulus hopes to be the final assault, but the Russians are dug in and waiting....


This fast-paced, card-driven game is an excellent introduction to wargaming and history for all ages- up to 8 can play!


Players: 2-8  Judge: Ike Eicher Slots: Saturday Slot 4 Level: Beginner



BGID will run various open games on Sunday Slot 5. These will include pick-up games and any continuations of previous games in progress.



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