October 21st - 23rd, 2016

Location:  Mercy Sportscore 2 Complex

8800 East Riverside Blvd., Rockford, Illinois 61111

Special Thanks to


Dan Houser


who created our logo (and color scheme) for 2016!


Milwaukee’s D-Company is an adult group of dedicated miniatures gamers. We have been attending and running war-gaming events in Rockford for 12 years. We consider it to be one of the finest gaming weekends around. In fact we refer to our annual trip to Rockford as “The second most wonderful time of the year.”



For the fun of everyone involved, all D-Company events are designed for experienced adult gamers who are familiar with the rule systems for the games we offer. You can find D-Company at What-Khan in our traditional spot, “the back corner.” Or look for our lads with our group logo on their badges.


We'll have Warhammer 30K and 40k, Aeronautica Imperialis, and Robotech RPG Tactics games going at a minimum. Several tables will host our usual mix of terrain setups, but we'll have some stuff for sized between 6mm (1/285) and 28mm, plus the usual "generic scale" winter, green fields/river and city boards.

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