October 20th - 22nd, 2017

Tebala Event Center

7910 Newburg Road

Rockford, Illinois 61108

This is the Rockford Game Convention you are looking for!

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The Northern Front is a group of gamers dedicated to historically based miniature and board games.  We also produce a podcast devoted to the hobby we love where we discuss what we are doing in the hobby, current games, hobby and modeling, guest hosts and upcoming events.


Like many of you we also enjoy attending gaming conventions and hosting events.  In the past we have presented games such as WWII Bolt Action tournaments, Black Powder American War of Independence, Black Powder Anglo-Zulu War, WWI Chain of Command, Wings of Glory and Naval Thunder.  This year we will continue with the Anglo-Zulu theme with our Rorke’s Drift scenario, add American Civil War - 1st day Gettysburg scenario and a large Naval Thunder Battle of Samar "what if" scenario.

If you enjoy what we present at the conventions we hope you will check out our free podcast which is now up to 15 episodes and releases about once a month.

Slot 1 - Friday 7 PM - 11 PM

Black Powder (Modified): Rorke’s Drift    Judges: A. Filter, P. Cook & J. Filter

Following the decisive victory at Isandlwana on the morning of January 22nd 1879 a portion of the victorious Zulu army proceeded to attack the tiny British garrison at the Rorke's Drift outpost. The outnumbered British received a warning and prepared a hasty defense. The beleaguered red coats mounted a stiff defense and successfully held off the overwhelming Zulu horde through the evening and into the next morning. As a result of the disaster at Isandlwana and this heroic stand 11 of the defenders were awarded the Victoria Cross. Now you can you take command of a British unit and coordinate a better defense than the British were able to do historically or will the Zulu again overwhelm the British defenders and

destroy them in detail? This is your opportunity to find out using the easy to learn and fast playing Black Powder rules system.

Slot 2  - Saturday 9 AM - 1 PM & Slot 3  - Saturday 2 PM - 6 PM

(will include a break)  6+ hours of gaming!!!

Brigade Fire and Fury 2nd Ed.: Gettysburg 1st Day

Judges: A. Filter, P. Cook, & J. Filter

It is 10AM July 1st 1863. Union Brigadier General John Buford and his cavalry have spent the morning fending off the lead elements of A.P. Hill's Corps form Army of Northern Virginia. Unknown to the Confederates Major General John Reynolds and his 1st Corps including the famed Iron Brigade have just arrived on the field. Now it is time for you take command as either a Union or Confederate General and decide the fate of the nation. As the Confederate player will you drive those Yankees off the high ground or as a Union man will you be able to halt the overwhelming advance until more reinforcements can arrive. Come find out.


Slot 5  - Sunday 9 AM - 1 PM

Naval Thunder: “Where is Task Force 34…..The World Wonders”   Judges: A. Filter, P. Cook, J. Filter

On the morning of October 25, 1944, a powerful Japanese force under Admiral Kurita consisting of four battleships including the super battleship Yamato surprised the Americans at Leyte Gulf. This massive force clashed with a small group of USN escort carriers. This was the Battle of Samar.


Historically the outgunned American force consisting of only escort carriers and destroyers/destroyer escorts fought with the vastly superior Japanese battle line, mounting a courageous defense at great cost. Admiral Kurita eventually lost his nerve, thinking he was facing a larger force, and withdrew. Had Kurita pressed his

attack he could have decimated the American landings that were ongoing setting back the liberation of the Philippines by months.


This scenario addresses one of the great what if's of history. What if Admiral Halsey had dispatched the planned, but never formed TF 34 when the alarms were first raised and it was able to clash with Kurita's force?


Now you can take command of the IJN forces as they are hotly engaged with the American force, Taffy 3. Will you have the nerve to press the attack or succumb to the fear of a more powerful American force lurking over the horizon as Kurita did?


As the American commander will you be as bold as the heroic defenders of Taffy 3? Will you fight your ships to the death to fend off the far superior Japanese force? Will your calls for help be answered and Task Force 34 arrive in time to intercede and cut off Kurita before he can withdraw? Will this finally be the decisive engagement with battleship vs. battleship?


This is your chance to find out using the easy to learn, yet challenging Naval Thunder rules.




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